Market Research

"Extensive market research services for full insight of your business"


Market Research is a crucial component for developing a digital marketing strategy. At Synigence IT, we specialize not only in complete market research, but also provide B2B, consumer- oriented and targeted market research.

Global vs Local/Domestic Market Research: We undertake extensive Global and often subjective researches to help benefit our clients. We contextualize it under geographic, income, gender, ethnic considerations (if reqd.) etc. This often helps to open up a sea of opportunities for the company, helping them take more informed decisions.

B2B and Consumer Market Research: Ideally, B2B research is often more difficult to undertake than a traditional consumer market research. At Synigence IT, we specialize in both. We reach out to difficult-to-reach professionals and gather insights beneficial to your digital branding strategy. This sort of research often helps clients in creating ‘technical products’ for the selected market.

Synigence IT helps you gain a full insight of the factors that go into developing advertising strategies and digital marketing strategies of your brand. Our meaningful and informative data, accumulated from various sources helps develop targeted campaigns.

Digital Strategy

"Strategic planning for your brand to break new ground in online space"


Digital planning and strategy are the backbone of any digital campaign. When it comes to the internet, strategy is a key component for any company. At Synigence IT, we specialize in developing strategies and planning out your campaign in ways that bring your audience closer to you, while making them attuned to your brand.

We help you to identify your target audience from the sea of internet information available. Converting monologues into dialogues through social media platforms, Synigence IT builds your brand equity on the internet. Matching your communication style with that of the audience, we deliver the perfect digital strategy, taking your brand to the next level.

Google Adwords


Google has started its own advertising service for businesses looking to show their business ads in the search engine results to the viewers based on the queries typed. It is a paid marketing service. These ads normally appear on the top & bottom of the organic search results. It is otherwise known as PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaign. At Synigence IT, we provide you extensive PPC services and tell you why we are regarded as the best PPC/Adwords company by our clients.

Let us first know how Google Adwords works:
An Adword campaign starts with a query/keyword. You pick some keywords relevant to your business depending upon its search volume and competition for which you want to come on top of the Adwords results whenever a user types in the particular keywords/queries. You probably won’t be the only one wanting to show your adverts to the customers. Your competitors can also be targeting the same keywords for their business ads. Then the bidding starts. You specify a bid amount on how much you pay Google if a user clicks your ad and create adverts based upon your keywords.

Social Media Marketing

"Engaging social media services to establish a direct connect with the audience"


Technological advancements have led to a sea of change in the field of marketing. Now even the biggest of corporate houses are turning to facebook marketing and social media marketing. At Synigence IT we study consumer behavior closely across social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ among several others. Based on qualitative research, we formulate social media marketing strategies that reach out to your audience and get their attention.

Our teams of managers constantly listen to your audience and engage in authentic conversations. We make sure that your brand is engaging with real people, who, in turn, are talking to representatives of your brand directly. Using tools such as Google Adwords, audience listening programs and extensive research, we create impactful content in the form of videos, blogs, posts, tweets, updates and much more to help brands grow as an entity, while establishing a direct connect with its audience.

Content Marketing Strategy

"Capturing content for enhanced brand image"


Content is the king and internet is its empire. If you want an online connect with your audience, your website content has to be powerful, relevant, fully optimized and engaging. We work closely with excellent writers of the digital advertising industry who have honed their writing skills and have elevated them to almost an art-form.

With Synigence IT, your content is not only unique, SEO friendly and engaging, it also ensures that the brand value of your products is delivered in entirety. With a close watch on your competitor’s content, we ensure that the content marketing strategy created for your puts you miles ahead in the digital advertising industry.

Search Engine Marketing

"Make it to the top 10 ranked websites with our SEO Services"


Our team of SEO experts works constantly to devise strategies and plans which help your website achieve better ranking on Google than ever before. Be it online marketing, digital advertising, search engine optimization or building links, we specialize in making your site absolutely SEO-friendly, making it climb the search results constantly.

Facing a problem with broken code? No worries! Our Search engine optimization specialists will help you track down the problem and repair it without breaking a sweat. What’s more, our advice will help you strengthen your code, sending your Google rank to the top of the charts!

With detailed Reports and Tracking, gauging our efforts has never been easier! The analytics will help you interact with your designated SEO consultant, helping him understand your specific requirements and serve you better. And what would you get? A website which is right on the top of your keyword search, along with other top-ranking websites!

Media Planning and Buying

"Impactful online media planning and advertising across major digital channels"


Digital media planning and media buying strategy requires a talent for creating synergy across paid, owned and earned media. It’s about getting the right people to notice you with the right message at the right time.

At Synigence IT, we adopt a holistic approach to build connected brands. Our media planning and buying strategy allows us to integrate all digital channels and measure cross-channel influence, both online and off.

Our professional team associates with the client to design and develop an online media plan, targets the ideal market audience, researches the best possible sites for reaching them, builds a cost-effective media buying plan with these online destinations, and creates online advertisements and rich media designed specifically to reach your market demographic.

No media campaign can be successful without constant analysis, tests and optimization of the marketing strategy. We use a combination of in-house tracking and external ad-serving technology to keep a constant eye on ROI.

Search Engine Optimisation


The online marketing landscape is constantly changing, but the importance of SEO in marketing strategy is unchallenged. Most of the marketers think that Search Engine Optimization is all about getting you ‘Seen’ online. But how to get visibility in search is continually evolving.

The online marketing landscape is constantly changing, but the importance of SEO in marketing strategy is unchallenged. Most of the marketers think that Search Engine Optimization is all about getting you ‘Seen’ online. But how to get visibility in search is continually evolving.

Our professionals conduct accurate site audits and deliver constructive consulting services that make sure your business is on the right track. We check to make sure content is correctly coded and structured. Our SEO services include the application of structured data, used by Google and others when presenting enhanced search results. Our SEO services will help your business get noticed.

SEO is a cost-effective approach compared to other online marketing services. All you need is comprehensive and up-to-date know-how of search engine mechanisms, which we excel in.

Pay Per Click (PPC)


Pay Per Click (PPC) refers to the concept of placing paid ads into the search results of major search engines like Google and Bing.

We offer “Pay Per Click” advertisements at your preferred placement among other results and pay a fee for every single visitor that clicks on your ad based on a set price.

Google analytics is integrated into your website and landing pages in order to effectively track the progress of your PPC campaigns, how much traffic is coming in from PPC efforts, and how many people are staying and who are leaving. Google Analytics is a strong platform for traffic analysis for pay per click campaigns.

Link Building


Link Building is an internet marketing process of obtaining links on other websites that direct to your own website.

Obtaining links from websites relevant to the products and services can significantly increase the value of your website to search engines. Links that are strategically placed on other websites can lead to new traffic and a greater search engine ranking position (SERP) in the major search engines.

This process assists in the search engine optimization process as search engines look at how websites are linking to each other to determine website relevance to specific terms. The goal of Link Building India is to obtain and maintain a number of high-value links coming into your website with the goal of obtaining a better position in the major search engines.

Reputation Management


Reputation is the key for a successful business. Since the world has transited to digital, it is important to ensure that a positive reputation is maintained online.

Our online reputation management professionals can start by creating various social media accounts and channels. Afterward, we plan to distribute information amongst different informational channels with important information about your company. These plans allow for a greater control of your online reputation by offering information to anyone looking for it.

A professional reputation management agency can monitor keywords and phrases to discover conversations and comments made about your company in both positive and negative connotations. In many cases, we can identify potential risks to your reputation before they become an issue.

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